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Wyndon Group, Inc.

Alliance Partners:
Marcy Gorrell, President
Donald Fradkin, Executive Director

Our approach to healthcare consulting is designed to answer
the need for independent, innovative process improvement and
emerging technology expertise.

In over 40 years of service, we have helped clients reduce costs, assess technology,improve operations and organizational efficiency, mitigate risk and manage compliance issues. Our strong and engaging strategies for reimbursement optimization and operational management have been responsible for creating our greatest asset, the trust and confidence of our clients.

Our reliable team of professionals partners with you throughout your project to save time, minimize organizational stress and maximize the return on your investment. A thorough understanding of a client’s needs and goals has been pivotal as we have helped many companies flourish.

We focus upon improving the efficiency of your daily business processes, such as: Strategic Planning. With each and every client, our approach is tailored to your practice, even as we draw upon parallels with prior successful efforts. Wyndon Group, Inc. breaks down the current business process, helps to define goals, identifies needs and creates manageable plans of action.

  • Process Improvement
  • Transition Oversight
  • Vendor Selection
  • Process Management
  • Interim Management Assistance
  • Management and Staff Training
  • Employment Assistance

We guide practices through the task of customizing policies and procedures to assist in attaining and maintaining information security and privacy compliance.

Wyndon Group works with clients to institute policies and procedures to ensure administrative, physical and technical safeguards are in compliance with HIPAA standards.

ITSM - IT Service Management
Wyndon Group works as a translator between the PM/EHR Vendor, IT Consultant and your practice. We focus on the back office operational needs. Our extensive experience working inside medical practices enables us to assist in selecting the IT solutions that will best fit a given practice's needs for performance, staffing abilities and sustainability. We provide the right combination of tools and training for implementation success.

Wyndon Group works with practices to ensure that the message they are sending with each and every contact is beneficial to the bottom line and consistent whether the practice has an official marketing strategy or a simple message to deliver.

In many practices Revenue Cycle Managers are responsible for the claim once the charge has been posted. It is our opinion that revenue cycle management begins with patient registration since this is the most critical part of an efficient billing process. The revenue cycle continues through payment and may include resolution of rejections / denials, filing of appeals, managing budgets, negotiating contracts and working AR reports. The revenue cycle is complete when the practice receives payment in full.  Wyndon Group helps practices navigate this complex process with the implementation of procedures that eliminate the lost revenue.

Customized training and development programs are scaled to the client's individual needs. Topics include but are not limited to: revenue cycle management, practice management software implementation, maximizing implementation and use of electronic health records, customer service and team-building.

PHONE: 847.405.0055
EMAIL: mgorrell@wyndongroup.com
WEB SITE : Wyndongroup.com

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