Office Management Solution

Alliance Partner - Donna Weinstock, President

Office Management Solution’s approach to running a practice involves a unique mixture of understanding the needs of the practice by incorporating:
  • Streamlining and improving processes
  • Workflow analysis
  • Increasing profits
  • Choosing and implementing electronic health records
  • Aids in understanding and proving Meaningful use
  • Liaison and project manager to IT services
  • Liaison and Project manager to HITECH services
  • Assist practices to become more HIPAA compliant
  • Marketing ideas to help practices grow
  • Trains staff to fulfill their job descriptions and duties
  • Trains physicians and practice managers in maintaining a well run practice
  • HR hiring assistance to practices
  • Referral source for other professionals
  • Workshops for practice managers
  • Presentations and audio conferences on practice management topics
  • Writes for healthcare publications on practice management topics
  • Employee handbooks
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Employee retention

Our network allows us to bring to a practice other high quality professionals who as a team can meet and exceed the needs and expectations of a practice.

You can reach Office Management Solution by:

Phone: (847) 205-9797
Email: Donna@officemanagementsolution.com
Website: www.OfficeManagementSolution.com

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