Ben Stephens

Interline Telephone Service Corp.

The job of the telephone system isn’t just to connect a call, but to make your business run better. Designing a new system isn’t just a matter of spotting phones, but of arranging the equipment and features to match the way you do business. Your people must know how to use the features.

Ben Stephens founded Interline with the idea that we become your “phone company”, a single point of contact for both the premises equipment and common carrier services. To do this, we act as an agent for several common carriers, providing both voice and high speed Internet services. We thus become responsible for your voice and broadband circuits, phone s (PBX) and Local Area Network (LAN).

Ben brings years of experience in telecommunications to serve you. He began with the Bell System, and after the divestiture, was associated with several manufacturers of large switches and central office equipment. At Intecom, he was the account manager for the Univ. of Chicago, Chicago Board of Trade, and Monsanto’s world headquarters. With Cognitronics, he had its equipment standardized at Ameritech and Lucent.

Ben holds a BA in atomic physics from Northwestern University. He is a Registered Electrical Contractor in the City of Chicago. A Merchant Marine Radio Officer, he holds all FCC radio licenses.

The first step in the design of a customer’s system consists of a study of how the business is run, and the voice and data tools the client’s people need to do their work quickly and with less effort. To begin an initial conversation about how we can serve you, please call us on 847-295-2000.




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